About Us

We’re Your One-Stop Shop Custom Homes Builder

Our History

Blue Jay Homes is committed to our customers in Simcoe County and the surrounding areas. With a combined 25 years experience we have learned a great deal about home building. Our founders grew up in Simcoe County and understand the importance of the community and everything it truly has to offer.

From our very first blueprint to our most recent build our goal has always been to redefine our clients dream homes, giving them more functionality while maintaining affordability.

Today, we continue to build our company to ensure peace of mind and ease for our clients. As a “one stop shop builder” we are able to assist you with:

  • Zoning
  • Surveying
  • Septic Design
  • Architectural Drawings
  • 3D Renderings
  • Site Plans
  • Engineering
  • Layout Functionality
  • Design Services
  • Heat Loss Calculations
  • Permit Applications
  • …and everything else!

At Blue Jay Homes, we recognize the importance of personalizing your new home. Let’s redefine your dream home together and make your dream a reality.